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4 Movies of Asian Bukake and Gokun posted by a Bukake and Pissing Contributor.

I love this Japanese porn. These guys really know how to treat their women. In the States I’m lucky to get a bitch to go out to dinner with, and if I do, she has to be within a couple of years of my age. In Asian you can get teenage Asian pussy to go home with you, tie them up, video them getting pissed on covered in cum, slap them on the ass, send them home, and do it all again the next day ‘free-of-fucking-charge’. Damn, I gotta get back to Asia, this wester hemisphere sucks for sex.

Misaki has some pretty nice breasts on her for an Asian girl. She is skinny and tied up with rope while being suspended on a toiled seat like she was getting a gyno exam. She is completely naked and takes major dousings of semen and urine on her face. This gal has definitely earned her paycheck today!– Phat Al 

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EMO Asian girls

17 December, 2010

This is a hot new site I’ve got to tell you about.  It’s about these EMO chicks.  I had to look it up on the internet to find out what the hell an EMO girl was.  There was a lot of shit about EMO girls being emotional, dark mooded, liking to slit their wrists, usually hiding their eyes behind their hair, and that they like EMO boys.  I got a news flash for you, THESE AREN’T EMO GIRLS!!!  They’re dolled up Thai suckdolls that hit the Halloween store the day after Halloween when they could buy more fuckdoll outfits for half off.  The only reason they’ve slit their wrists is because they wanted to get the attention from their broke Thai boyfriends.  And they definitely don’t want EMO boys—they want wealthy old western men who will send them money and marry them!


Anyways, none of that’s important.  What IS important, is that these chicks are as cute as anything all dolled up like they are, and they are fucking and sucking while wearing their cute little costumes.  And they are hot bodied, gap legged, brown skinned little Asian honey’s that will do you right.


Thai girls have naturally hairless, tight little pussies.  Thai pussy smells like daisy’s.  The gap between their legs allows for good airflow, so their pussies don’t smell like old gym socks, like western women with fat fucking thighs do.


Whether you want to see Teen Halloween Costume sex, or what you can get in Bangkok for $50 bucks, you’ve got to check out  You’ll get to see these ‘trick or treaters’, along with Thai Nee—the world’s smallest Asian fuck dollTussinee, Tai Lynn, and Lulu Bomb, with her 32 DDD boobies.


All in all, if you’re into Asian cutie pies, sweety pies, and anal or pussy filled cream pies, you won’t be dissapointed at  This is one of the best Thai sites on the net.  They’ve got a shitload of girls, they’ve got the highest quality camera’s and video, and they push these little girls to their limits.


If you want to see bald Asian cunt, this is the place.  If you want a large variety of Asian girls, as well as gagging, stockings, cum chugging hairy pussied asians, hit the last post for AV33.


That’s it for today my fellow wankers.  You’ve got to love that Asian pussy!!!


EMO Asians having HOT Halloween Costume Sex!!!




Asian girls have sweet asses

Asian girls have sweet asses

Ai love that

Ai love that

Ai, oh Ai, marry me you cock hungry deep throating little Japanese Beauty! You have the sweetest little ass, and you have the gaplegs going on, and you have no gag reflex, and you take your families debts so seriously, I love you!

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Sweet Asian Deepthroats Dildo

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Chinese girls really know how to use their tongues. Most girls can barely get me off, but 2 minutes with my willy in a Chinese girls mouth and I’m ready to blow a hole in the back of their throats!

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