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If you visit my sites often, you are probably like me—a big fan of the gap between a girls thighs.  Whether you call it a Beaver Breather, Factory Air Girl, or Gap Leg Girl, it’s all a beautiful thing.  The minute I see the gap I get a boner, it doesn’t matter what the chicks face looks like.  Fortunately todays Factory Air Girl—Kotone Aisaki–has a beautiful face to match her beautiful gap.


There’s a lot of misinformation out there about the gap.  But as a true Beaver Breather lover, I can tell you for a fact what is required for the gap.  A skinny girl with wide hips.  They got to be born with it, and that’s why it’s also called Factory Air—it was installed at the baby factory!  It’s a natural thing that no plastic surgeon has learned how to replicate.


Fortunately for us Gap Lovers, Asia is full of Beaver Breathers.  They almost all have Factory Air.  The West would have more but the girls have gotten too fat.  China is Beaver Breather heaven with Gap Legged Girls walking by every 10 seconds.


If you love the Gap, you’ll love  They have thousands of Beaver Breathers in both pretty pictures and hardcore porn.  One membership gets you into over 14 sites, all full of Factory Air Girls.  If porn isn’t your thing, and you just want to see beautiful Beaver Breather pictures and videos, you can’t go wrong with  I’m also launching 3 new sites, all dedicated to Gap leg, Beaver Breathers, and Factory Air Girls.  They are all just getting started so please be patient while I continue to add content.  They are:  ,, and


God bless the Gap!—Phat Al

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